RENY® Group has had a lot of lives. We first started our business journey back in 1999 as an Australian partner for Californian Eyewear Company Utopia Optics & British Streetwear Label, Boxfresh. Over the next 20 years, our business has had a varied existence with one true constant running through the centre, a dedication to creating brands that connect, matter and innovate.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

RENY® was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1999 as SMI. Today the business is an international creative hub than spans various industries and sectors, is home to more than 90 of the world’s best designers, technologists, marketers, data scientists, and strategists responsible for some of the most groundbreaking advances in digital customer experience and business transformation.

As a collaborative business, we like to transform companies by designing best-in-class experiences, driven by strong creative & technology, data, and organizational strategy. We combine our 21 years of experience in business, creating unified brand experiences that change industries and foster meaningful relationships with users. We are creative, fun and innovative. For the journey back in time. Scroll.

Started From a Desk in
Mum’s Loft in 1999

In 1999, we created SMI as a small Strategic Fashion House. Working with some of the world's leading brands and selling to over 1200 retail partners across Australia and New Zealand including General Pants Co, Glue, Rebel Sport, David Jones and Myer.

As SMI Continued to Grow and evolve, the business went through a set back in 2006 which saw a complete restructure of the company. In 2009, we created Australia's first innovation lab and consultancy, working with Australia Post, Westpac, Kellogs, Tourism Australia, Nike, Destination NSW and some of the worlds largest companiues.

As the business evolved from the early stages of 6.2, we created a digital agency to accommodate the increasing demand for User Experience Desgin and Digital Innovation. Evolving from an Innovation Consultancy to a Digital Agency. We continued to develop our own brands strategy with the development of some small branded projects.









As a 1% for the Planet partner, this ensures our environmental giving is credible and respected. We’ve played a role in helping direct hundreds of millions of dollars to environmental nonprofits around the world. And, we’re just getting started. Visit the 1% directory, to learn more about all the nonprofits.

Visit One of our Brands!

In 2019, RENY® Made some adjustments to align our business names, businesses and companies all within the RENY® Group Brand. This included incorporating the Monocle Digital Agency, Standard Sock Co and Common Goods under the one roof. To contact one of our brands, you can visit them, online here.

Our Brand Values.

Aim to Make The Best Products

We are a design company—it’s this is the driving force behind everything we do. Our products & services must be innovative, beautifully made, and quite literally the best in their category.

Success, at The Expense of No One.

As we grow, the majority of people who will make RENY® products may work in far off countries in Vietnam and China, India and so on. They aren’t direct RENY® employees, but they are equally entitled to happy, satisfying lives. We are not successful unless they partake in that success. We negotiate fair pay and safe working conditions in our agreements. We liaise with them regularly and make sure they are happy and enjoying the work as much as we do.

Treat our Customers as One of the Team

Our clients are smart, capable adults who can sniff out insincerity from a mile away. They expect and deserve transparency, so we make a point of telling them what we’re thinking, what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. When we screw up, we admit it and fix it.

Offset our Environmental Impact

We strive to leave this planet better than we found it. We are aware that making and designing things harms the environment. Offsetting this impact is a responsibility we feel as both a company and individuals. We donate 100% of our revenue from 1 project a month to environmental nonprofits. We can and will do much more.

Use Our Voice for Positive Change

Big oil spends a heap of money to get their voice out there and keep the shale cracking. We don’t have that kind of scratch, but we do have a voice. And we’re gonna use it to fight for the things we care about in the hopes that those listening will be inspired to take action. Our blog and Instagram will be a channel for that.

Happiness Over Growth

We designed our company around the objective of having fun. We hire fun people and give them the flexibility to work when and where they please. We believe a close-knit team and 100% employee ownership are keys to the effective pursuit of our mission.

“Since 1999, we have been discovering better ways to service our customers and smarter ways to make products and services. Innovation and creativity sit at the heart of our business. As we reach out for our 22nd year in business, we will continue to innovate and keep the customer needs and market problems as a key driver for continued happiness.”

Ben RenniePartner

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